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Jackie. 17. Florida. Aspiring Engineer. Soccer. Guitar.

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Anonymous: Do you speak spanish?


Anonymous: What's the farthest you've gone with a guy? Girl?

this guy once kissed me an I was like can u not and then he was like k

Anonymous: Have you had sex with a girl?

guess you’ll never knowwwwwww

Anonymous: Haha I'm just shy. :/ Lo siento, Señorita.


Anonymous: Yeah but I'm 15 and intimidated by you. But in a good way...? If that's makes sense. :p

Why the hell would you be intimidated by me?! I’m not like that at all.

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thx thx thx @nico_inkman_g

Omg that tat thooooo!
Anonymous: I'm nervous to talk with you...

don’t be, I’m a loser